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Tasteful Nudes: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry – but mostly you’ll laugh


Tasteful Nudes and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation

by Dave Hill

Hmm… How to describe Dave Hill. When I’ve seen him on TV, he seems sweet, naive, wide-eyed and quite harmless in his pastel jackets – that is until he lets out a zinger that comes from left field

This book is exactly like that. You get autobiographical essays that start out innocently enough but then take you on a wild ride that ends in a sudden snort or a spray of coffee on your cat or unfortunate friend. People will ask you to explain but it’s a little too complicated and I’m afraid something will be lost in the telling – you just have to read the book.

This isn’t a stand-up routine – no litany of familiar jokes and self-deprecating jabs. It’s genuine and fearless in its revelations. It’s a series of essays that flow naturally as an autobiography. It’s smart and silly; mundane and eccentric; funny and sad; sweet and caustic. In short, it will make you laugh and cry – but mostly laugh.

Which were my favorite chapters? I Loved “I Kind of Remember you in the Chelsea Hotel” – so funny and familiar. As a provincial mid-westerner I can identify with the awe, disappointment, and joy that my first visit to the BIG city inspired. My other favorite is the sweet “Bunny.” Dare I say that in this chapter Dave is figuratively nude – tastefully nude?

No worries, Dave – I totally think that this book will get you laid. There are a lot of women who can’t resist erudite, goofy, sweet, funny men who love their mom (not in a Norman Bates way, though).

Full disclosure here (no pun): I did not win this book. In spite of that I am giving it a most favorable review. A pox on those of you who won a copy.


Author: Elizabeth

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2 thoughts on “Tasteful Nudes: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry – but mostly you’ll laugh

  1. Who is Dave Hill? Where would I have seen him? Your review definitely piques my interest!

  2. Love this, E! And I plan to read this book in the very near future! 🙂

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