Dime Porque

Book reviews, random thoughts and rants


Bienvenidos and Welcome!

I read, read, read when and wherever – sometimes two or three books at a time. When a book is not available I’ve been known to read cereal boxes – although I prefer police procedural, world history, and biography books (my book club has expanded my reading universe considerably to include science fiction, YA, and some chic lit).  I NEED to read the local paper every morning and the NY Times at least once a week. Naturally, all this reading leads to thinking, forming opinions, and writing the book reviews which will make up most of the content here. Now and then NPR provokes random opinions which will result in some of my posts –  inevitable as it is always on when I’m working. My rants are inspired by accidental encounters with FOX news. I’ll keep those to a minimum.

Why am I writing this blog? All these opinions and rants keep accumulating  in my head. All that stuff has to go someplace or my head will explode. This blog seems a harmless place to store it.

I’m a feminist – no reservations, no “buts.” I’ll leave it at that.

I like to think that I’m open-minded, respectful and fair – although my fists tighten and my blood pressure shoots up when I am exposed to Fox News. I guess that means I’m a bleeding-heart liberal and perhaps even a socialist. I don’t mind.

I’m a cat woman but will try to refrain from too many posts inspired by Quincy & Fiona – the funniest, smartest, and cutest kitties  in the universe. Yep, I love all furry creatures – particularly cats. There, I’ve come clean about my greatest weakness. Strangely enough, I’m not drawn to books about animals.

Graphic design is what keeps my bank account in the black (most of the time) but I hang on to my wishful-thinking title: Artist. Whenever I accumulate enough money I go off to see the world because besides reading and art, travel is my other passion.

What else? My first language was Spanish, but I’ve mastered English to the point that I have only the hint of an accent – starting my American Experience as a 7th grader helped me to obliterate any characteristics that would set me apart from others. For those of you who are concerned: I am a citizen and legally migrated to the US. I guess I should go ahead and admit that when elected queen of the world I will give the tired, the poor and the huddled -masses-yearning-to breathe-free Carte Blanche.

What does “Dime Porque” mean?  Translated from Spanish it means “Tell me why.”  I can’t accept anything at face value – I must know “WHY”.

My favorite response to any request for advice is,  “what’s the worst that can happen?”

My favorite quote (from Office Space) is, “Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything I thought it could be.”